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By Sarah Doran, May 21 2013 08:19PM

As I’m always on the quest to find a tasty healthy treat, this month I decided to sign up for a Nutribox. Last Wednesday to my delight, when I arrived home there was my Nutribox-Mini waiting for me on the doormat.

I excitedly delved into the box of goodies, eager to see what was waiting for me. I have to say it took some willpower not to open up all 8 treats at once!!

The May Nutribox-Mini contains:

• Brazil Nut Mix

• Spring Fling

• Green Chilli Cashew Nuts

• Bliss Bar

• Happy Kitchen Pecan Brownie

• Mulu Raw Chocolate

• Beond Bar

• Bounce Energy Ball

I tucked into the Green Chilli Cashew Nuts (helped by Pete and the Dog)…which were gorgeous. And couldn’t help having 1 square (yes only one) of the Mulu Raw Chocolate later on in the evening, (after teaching a class)…again this was devine. It was a smooth and rich chocolate, so one or two squares would be plenty at any one time, and the great thing is it’s free from Dairy, Refined Cane Sugar, Gluten and Soya.

I have since tried a couple of other snacks out of the box, which were all equally as delightful as the first two, and somehow I still have a few left to last for the next few weeks. They might not last right through to my next delivery though.

There are 2 different boxes on offer delivered monthly; The Nutribox (16-20 snacks) or The Nutribox-Mini (8-10 snacks). Each box is different every month, they contain a mix of sweet and savoury snacks giving you the chance to try new and different products that you might not otherwise have the opportunity to try.

The great thing about the boxes is that all the products are suitable for vegetarians, Gluten Free and the majority are Dairy Free too.

Should you wish to try the Nutribox or Nutribox-Mini then please find the link to the website below and you can get 25% off your first box:

By Sarah Doran, Mar 18 2013 08:54PM

So somehow with all the odds stacked against me...I managed a PB at the Liverpool Half Marathon on Sunday. My time was 1hr 47mins 13seconds, 26 out of 327 females in the +35 category. I was/am ecstatic!

I was 6 minutes quicker than last years Liverpool half (also the last time I ran the distance!!), and 3 minutes off my last PB, set at the Birmingham Half in October 2011.

As a fit person who trains regularly you may wonder why I am amazed at the time I ran on Sunday. Well there are a number of reasons!

Firstly, I had put the race to the back of my mind, and about 4 weeks ago decided I'd best start getting in a few long runs (the longest I had run up to this point was about 10k since last years liverpool half marathon)!

My long weekend training runs over the last 4 weeks had proved to be very fact they were more walks than runs at times. The longest distance I had managed was 9 miles, 4.2 miles short of the mark!!

The crippling bunion on my right foot was also causing my running style to change, causing pains to develop in my calf at about 6miles.

So why did the run go so well on Sunday? Well I have to thank Peer Ovesen at the Chiropractic Clinic in Chester for a great Sports Massage on Friday, which worked wonders and the legs felt great until about 9miles.

The other change I made was to wear compression socks! Normally I see people running around in knee high socks and think 'not really my style', 'is that really a good look', hence the fact I had them hidden below long running tights.

Despite my purely materialistic reservations, my lower legs felt great throughout the whole much so I was loath to take them off after the run as they felt so good.

I only wish they made a compression Onesie, as that may have helped the pains in my hips and upper legs.

Compression socks are designed to hug the muscles helping to increase in circulation. This increase in blood flow benefits the legs by reducing build-ups of lactic acid, which causes soreness during and after exercise. By preventing lactic acid from building up, compression socks eliminate any pain or soreness that a runner might feel during or post-exercise.

I don't know if it was the compression socks that made me run faster, but I have to admit anyhow that they will firmly become part of my running kit....and I will wear them with pride, and not necessarily hidden below running tights. I do also think that my next investment will be some compression tights, instead of a onesie.

Up until Sunday I had decided to hang up my distance boots (until I am blessed with a London Marathon spot), however now the bug has returned and well never say never!! So watch this space.

I wore the More Mile Compression socks as seen here: