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Nutribox Review

By Sarah Doran, May 21 2013 08:19PM

As I’m always on the quest to find a tasty healthy treat, this month I decided to sign up for a Nutribox. Last Wednesday to my delight, when I arrived home there was my Nutribox-Mini waiting for me on the doormat.

I excitedly delved into the box of goodies, eager to see what was waiting for me. I have to say it took some willpower not to open up all 8 treats at once!!

The May Nutribox-Mini contains:

• Brazil Nut Mix

• Spring Fling

• Green Chilli Cashew Nuts

• Bliss Bar

• Happy Kitchen Pecan Brownie

• Mulu Raw Chocolate

• Beond Bar

• Bounce Energy Ball

I tucked into the Green Chilli Cashew Nuts (helped by Pete and the Dog)…which were gorgeous. And couldn’t help having 1 square (yes only one) of the Mulu Raw Chocolate later on in the evening, (after teaching a class)…again this was devine. It was a smooth and rich chocolate, so one or two squares would be plenty at any one time, and the great thing is it’s free from Dairy, Refined Cane Sugar, Gluten and Soya.

I have since tried a couple of other snacks out of the box, which were all equally as delightful as the first two, and somehow I still have a few left to last for the next few weeks. They might not last right through to my next delivery though.

There are 2 different boxes on offer delivered monthly; The Nutribox (16-20 snacks) or The Nutribox-Mini (8-10 snacks). Each box is different every month, they contain a mix of sweet and savoury snacks giving you the chance to try new and different products that you might not otherwise have the opportunity to try.

The great thing about the boxes is that all the products are suitable for vegetarians, Gluten Free and the majority are Dairy Free too.

Should you wish to try the Nutribox or Nutribox-Mini then please find the link to the website below and you can get 25% off your first box:

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